"I got the bird"

Bricks, golf and an island.

I’ve never seen so many boats in one day.

John Wayne’s old house. Now belongs to the pres of Conroy’s Flowers. Hence all the flowers in front.

This lot is for sale. 28 million…

Fancy smancy houses.

Pirate’s Cove. Where Gilligan’s Island was filmed.

Waiting to depart. Champagne cruise with my lady. Window seat VIP treatment! She’s so lucky…

This just in… My upgraded bulletproof coffee and brain octane oil. After being disappointed with AlphaBrain, I’m hoping these two things help keep me energized and focused. Since I’m working until 3am, I’m giving these new brain fuels a test run tonight.

Late night stroll around the Maya hotel. A lesser known parr of Long Beach.